Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Celebrating ONE Year with my Book!

At the Santa Monica International Tango Festival (SMITH), California. 
Photo by Vladimir Estrin: www.TangoAfficionado.com.  May 4, 2012.
Please help measure the reach of my book by adding any city, state, country you know it has made it to as a comment on this post or on my Facebook Page, When 1+1=1 by Gabriela Condrea  
A ver, ¿hasta donde llegó ese libro mío en su primer año de vida?  Por favor, agrega una ciudad, una provincia, un país acá abajo.

One year after publishing my book, When 1+1=1: That "Impossible" Connection has been to at least 16 countries on 4 continents...

- North America, South America, Europe, and Australia.  Since August 2011, I have visited dance communities in the Pacific Northwest, danced my way around Europe (visiting 13 cities in 8 countries in 7 weeks), and am now in the process of dancing and driving my way through more than 60 cities in 33 states in North America.   

Thanks so much for your support along the way!  This would not be possible without your amazing positive energy.  ¡Mil gracias! 

Since August 2011, When 1+1=1: That "Impossible" Connection has been to (as posted on Facebook): 

   Atlanta, GA
   Chuluota, Florida 
   San Francisco, CA  
   In our hearts.  
   Hartford, Connecticut
   Ormond Beach, Florida 
At NeoTangoZone in Northampton, Massachusetts
US Book & Tango Tour, August 4, 2012
   Plainfield, New Jersey 
   Chisinau, Moldova 
   Charlotte, NC 
   Daytona Beach,FL
   Asheville, North Carolina  
   Can't leave out Seattle can we? 
   Portland, OR, and soon, Michigan! 
   Titusville, FL!! 
   Bonn, Köln, & Berlin, Germany
   Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Culver City, California
   Chico, California 
   Amarillo, Texas 
   Northampton & Boston, Massachusetts 
   Portland, Maine
   Montreal, Quebec, Canada
   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
   Buffalo, NY
   Cleveland, Toledo, & Cincinnati, Ohio
   Chicago, Illinois
   Detroit, Ann Arbor, & Grand Rapids, Michigan
   Paris, France
   Cluj, Romania
   Prague, Czech Republic
   Vienna and Innsbruck, Austria
   Milan and Torino, Italy
   Brussels, Belgium
   Amsterdam, Netherlands
   London, United Kingdom
   Miami, Florida

... and counting!  ¡Y más!  Please post a city, state, country as a comment below.  Thank you! 

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