Friday, October 25, 2013

Doodles of nothing in particular

Somehow I find myself coming back to this idea of taking time off over and over again.  I guess that's intrinsically part of working for yourself doing something you love: it takes a lot of work and it's hard to stop.  But stopping is necessary.  It's been an intense couple of... it's been intense for a long time.  So today when I woke up not really wanting to get out of bed - and I love my sleep, but I do usually want to get up and start the day - it was a sign to just take a little time to read a book and let myself change gears, at least for a bit.  There comes a point when we all need a little breather, a small change, a pause from the running of the daily grind.  So today, I'm going to draw, sketch things I see around me, go back to what I used to love when I was little.  I spent my childhood drawing and doodling.  When things get real intense or you feel a bit of a gridlock, a good strategy is to go back to what you know, back to what you know you love, back to something you used to do that feels good and helps you release, relax, and breathe. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Announcing: Tango Speed Dating™ - a whole new way to meet people!

Before you even have to think about what to say…
tango. chat. switch partners!
by Author and Tango Teacher, Gabriela Condrea
Forget clicking between profiles full of essays and 2-year-old pictures, hoping to get “favorited” and winked at.  This tango speed dating event is a whole new way to interact with real people, live, in-person – a chance to connect through simple partner games using body language before you ever have to say anything!  In-between games, you’ll get a quick chance to introduce yourself and chat, before you switch partners!

Social Tango: Emphasizing the "social" in social dancing

Author and tango teacher Gabriela Condrea is taking tango to the streets - well, bars and swanky lounges, to be more specific - with a mission to use tango as a means for helping people connect.  Expanding upon her playful teaching style and the metaphor of tango for relationships and partnerships developed in her book When 1+1=1 and her classes ("Yoda" calls her Richelle), her newest projects highlight the "social" aspect of this social, improvised folk dance.  Come see for yourself and stay tuned for the newest developments!

tango games + socializing = Tango Happy Hour
Before you even have to think of something clever to say, Tango Speed Dating™ 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Anything and Everything

Some people confuse “anything” with “everything”

Some people confuse “anything” with “everything,” and while they’re busy doing everything they don’t do anything.  “To be successful,” told me Daniel Gelbart last weekend, “you have to do only one thing at a time. No-one ever succeeded—” “Multitasking?” I interject.  “Yes.” 

And it’s true.  You can’t have your cake and eat it too; you can’t do everything. 

We live in the land of opportunity, a place of possibilities,