Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Disposable Everything

Feeling like #MacGyver. With some guidance from John (thank you!), I played electrician and got the severed phone charger to work!
We live in a culture of #disposability: disposable containers, disposable gadgets, disposable relationships. But anything worth having will take some mending once in a while - your favorite socks, your car, miscommunications & disconnections are all opportunities. Sure, it's sometimes easier to just get a new one, but each stitch, each piece of tape, each twist of the wire is an investment in the sustained growth of the relationship. It makes sense that we have trouble investing in something we view as disposable. With the first sign of difficulty, we throw it out. The most meaningful things however, are often the ones we mend and patch over and over again, those we can't bear to throw away.