Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Gift of Eye Contact

Eye contact is a huge return-on-investment.

Eye contact is recognition. With eye contact you acknowledge the presence of another human being, another living, breathing person with their own reasons to smile or sigh heavy, with their own mother, sister, brother, family ties, with their desires, their worries, their little silver lining, their needs, their space. When you pass a person on the street and make a little eye contact, just a little, maybe even smile, you make a gesture, a connection, acknowledging the presence of a human being sharing space with you.

It's nice and I bet everyone involved will feel just a bit lifted, a bit lighter, a bit brighter. I'm working on this and if you feel you can work on it too, let's do it together.

Eye contact is a little gift of a bit of yourself. Give more. Give the gift of eye contact.

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