Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why Connection?

I'm most curious to ask, has the connection theme of your book been something growing inside you your whole life?  Did the connection drive kick into an even higher gear when you began Tango in 2009? writes Paul Stieger of Boise, Idaho, USA in reference to my book, When 1+1=1: That "Impossible" Connection.

Connection.  I think you're right in the fact that this theme of connection is something that has been with me all my life.  I was six years old when we left the then Soviet Republic of Moldova for a distant place, to build a new life.  I still remember the image of my cousin chasing the train on the platform as we pulled away.  On our way out of Chisinau, we passed by the hill behind the apartment where I spent the first six years of my life, and that is...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cars and Women

Like driving a car, when dancing with a woman, you want to treat her with care.  Pay attention to the way she responds to you when you give her a little more power, when you shift gears, when you take the turns.

"I've heard men compare women in tango to cars --