Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Adventure Begins! (STP) - US Book & Tango Tour

On Thursday, April 12th, I took off from Seattle to Portland, my first stop.  Testing out my Personal Camera Crew and the ideas that Jolene (The Meeting Maximizer) gave me, I was able to take a picture of myself in the car...

Seattle's skyline - including the Space Needle - on my way south through downtown on I-5.

The striped building on the right where my Dad used to work, programming for Virginia Mason.  It felt a little like he was sending me off too.

Southbound on I-5.  Good-bye Tin Can Studio in the Tully's Building/Old Rainier Brewery (where I was teaching my Tango Lab and Tango Workshops before leaving)!

The weather heading toward Portland was fickle, to say the least: I passed through the transition of rain and sunshine, rain and sunshine more times than I can remember.... just to keep things interesting.

Crossing the Columbia River to Portland, Oregon.

A huge thanks again to everyone who helped get me on the road and get started on this US Book & Tango Tour adventure!


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