Thursday, April 26, 2012

Starting Strong! (Portland) - US Book & Tango Tour

I arrived directly to Elizabeth Wartluft's Beginner's Mind Practica in Portland - my pre-funk to the Norse Hall Milonga just a few blocks away.  Elizabeth creates such a warm, welcoming environment for dancers of all levels of experience - a beautiful place to begin my US Book & Tango Tour.

Thursday night in Portland, Jerry and Lilah Wallach's Norse Hall Milonga is the place to be!

With the Boston Contingent, it was like a mini-marathon/tango reunion...

With Jerry Wallach and the Yellow Hippopotamus

Photos by David Champion

Tascha's famous buttermilk pancakes!

City of Roses...

and cute cafes and restaurants!  Something like the most restaurants per capita...

Chocolate mousse with gold (yes, gold!) accompanied by catching up with an old friend.

Photo taken by my Personal Camera Crew.

Check out more Portland pictures and the first episode of my US Tour videos:

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