Thursday, January 11, 2018

Do you believe in Synergy?

In November of 2015, I left Seattle for Buenos Aires and was concerned about leaving my students, especially Tho Nguyen (who I had been working with for 1.5 years at that point) hanging without being able to practice his walking for 6 weeks. I suggested that he get back with a PT to keep working on his walking while I was away, but it took until January to set up. Since I was already back, he asked me to come to Valley Medical Center in Renton to show his new PT how we walked. The PT & OT linked me up with Stroke Nurse Sarah Devine to see about setting up our first group class at the hospital.

In the meantime, also in January 2016, I met Jon Rowley at one of Traca Savadogo's Cook the Book gatherings at Archis Gore's place. That meeting was a catalyst.

Seattle Spoke

This Jewish girl watched the Neo-Nazi rally in Seattle get supplanted by counter-protestors. Freedom of Speech means you can say what you want, and so can everyone else. Seattle spoke. (2017)