Saturday, December 28, 2019

Dad, "do not worry. I will be fine for telling the truth."

These words. 
This moment 
moved me. 
I too was born
in the Soviet Union
where I know
- like in many other countries around the word -
it would not have been
to speak up
or to speak out;
where it would not 
have been safe 
to speak the truth.
Perhaps it is the absence of,
knowing what it means to go without,
that makes one treasure 
liberty and savor it
- that makes one yearn so audaciously
to preserve it,
to uphold it,
to defend it.
I am #grateful
for the #freedom of speech.
#freedomofspeech #USA

Lt. Col. Vindman spoke these words on Nov 19, 2019 in his opening statement to the House Intelligence Committee. The Pentagon "has protections for whistleblowers -- they're guaranteed in law," said Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

#speakup #speakout

Friday, April 26, 2019

The Steps are Just the Beginning...

I had a curious conversation with someone who has been dancing many years in our Pacific Northwest tango community about my upcoming Intermediate-Level Close-Embrace Tango Bootcamp May 4, 2019. The question they posed to me was, What will you cover? 

Fair question. 

I explained that the point of these bootcamps is to improve posture and close-embrace technique -- the quality of the dance, and that we will also focus specifically on the cross (different qualities of movement, variations, shapes, etc.) of this so very "tango" movement. 

This person immediately went to: "Oh, I already know how to do the cross."

Yes, this is an Intermediate-Level workshop. Participants should "know" the cross. The point isn't to learn how to do the cross from scratch; the point is to amplify the nuance and possibilities within a movement that one already knows -- for both leads and follows. Tango isn't about "learning" the steps. That is just the beginning. 

I was grateful for the question and happy to expand on this for this person and others.

Saturday, January 12, 2019


There are times
when you just need to be sad,
even if you know better,
even if it’s not worth it
even if it makes you feel vulnerable
even if it makes you question your worth
even if it makes you sad to feel sad.

There are times when you can’t get around the sadness,