Monday, February 8, 2016

Too Nice to Say NO

"I don't know how to say No," she told her friend, "I'm too nice."

Not saying "No" when what you want to say is no, is not nice.  In essence, you are lying to people.  Sure, we all do things we are not extremely excited to do - take care of loved ones when they are sick, take out the garbage, homework, etc.  Even these things I'd say are more like responsibilities and opportunities to learn, grow, better ourselves, to be there for the people who count on us, to keep our space clean and comfortable.  These things are not much of a choice, but we do them, and in the long run, most of us would probably agree that it's a good idea to do them.

But when you say, I'm too nice, not good at saying No - keep in mind that people have choices, too.  So if you're "too nice" and then are upset or make others miserable hanging out in your presence, you're not doing anyone any favors.

Let's be clear and direct. Yes means yes. And no means no. Please?