Friday, July 29, 2016

Schools punish poor families by isolating kids

A public school in the UK is punishing students for overdue lunch fees:
"Children whose parents had not paid off lunch debts were made to sit in 'lunch isolation' away from friends and given substitute meals"

Here is a copy of the letter sent out to parents:

And the full article:

Schools should be places of sanctuary. I'm tired of people saying, Well if the parents taught their kids this or that. My students were my kids. If they acted out, they made me look bad. And I told them so. Not your parents. You spend 5 hours of your week with me, I am responsible, too. And if a child needs something, something as basic as food, we need to help them. Sad, sad, sad.

It takes a village. We are that village.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Thank you, nice guy!

As I pulled up, I noticed there was a space in front of his Explorer truck and space behind it.

"Do you think if you moved back a little, I might be able to squeeze in in front of you?"

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Coloring for the Soul

I saw this card when I went to my first ever The Coloring Project event in January, but I chose another one which better represented where I was at then. This past Monday, as I sifted through the stack of beautiful cards to color, I came across the fishy again. And this time, he stuck. Mission I'm Possible.

Finding #freedom in dancing with my whole self,
power in 

Thank you, Andrea Koehler, for creating cards and an event that speaks to people's souls, a space for connection and community. 

Check out The Coloring Project for events near you!

Victim we are not

I have a problem with the use of the word "victim". Just because someone is part of a minority group does not mean they are a victim. The reason Trump or anyone can "pick on" a group of people is because he highlights the difference, the us vs. them. But "victims", people who are different are not.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Too Nice to Say NO

"I don't know how to say No," she told her friend, "I'm too nice."

Not saying "No" when what you want to say is no, is not nice.  In essence, you are lying to people.  Sure, we all do things we are not extremely excited to do - take care of loved ones when they are sick, take out the garbage, homework, etc.  Even these things I'd say are more like responsibilities and opportunities to learn, grow, better ourselves, to be there for the people who count on us, to keep our space clean and comfortable.  These things are not much of a choice, but we do them, and in the long run, most of us would probably agree that it's a good idea to do them.

But when you say, I'm too nice, not good at saying No - keep in mind that people have choices, too.  So if you're "too nice" and then are upset or make others miserable hanging out in your presence, you're not doing anyone any favors.

Let's be clear and direct. Yes means yes. And no means no. Please?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Creativity Problems

Problems I'll gladly accept. Bored isn't part of the vocabulary.

When your struggle is too many fun ideas and an overload of inspiration, it can be daunting, it can feel overwhelming. Treading water as the waves try to take you down. But swim in it, flow with it. Because at least with these problems, you know you'll never be bored, never be short of life energy, of vitality. Let your creativity guide you.

And here's a secret: there's never enough time and there's always enough time.

Dance. Create. Be. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Disposable Everything

Feeling like #MacGyver. With some guidance from John (thank you!), I played electrician and got the severed phone charger to work!
We live in a culture of #disposability: disposable containers, disposable gadgets, disposable relationships. But anything worth having will take some mending once in a while - your favorite socks, your car, miscommunications & disconnections are all opportunities. Sure, it's sometimes easier to just get a new one, but each stitch, each piece of tape, each twist of the wire is an investment in the sustained growth of the relationship. It makes sense that we have trouble investing in something we view as disposable. With the first sign of difficulty, we throw it out. The most meaningful things however, are often the ones we mend and patch over and over again, those we can't bear to throw away.