Thursday, March 29, 2012

US Tour Schedule/Route

With a couple boxes full of books, a sleeping bag, my tango shoes (of course), and no, I won't forget the Yellow Hippopotamus, I'm hitting the road, literally around the US.  Here's the outline for my US Book & Tango Tour so far.  I'll fill in the details as I move along.  I want to take full advantage of the fact that this is a road trip, so I'm flexible about making stops along my route.  If you have a recommendation for a place I should stop
for a book/tango event or want to set up an event, workshop, or a private lesson along my route, please contact me (  If you're in any of these cities, I hope to see you and your dancing feets! Route: From Seattle down the West Coast, across the South, up the East Coast, Canada, Midwest, and back to Seattle (April 12 – October) -- an estimated 10,500 miles.

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West Coast  |  South  |  East Coast  |  Canada  |  Midwest

4/12 - Leave Seattle, WA

* click on cities for corresponding blog posts


OREGON 4/12 - 4/15  Portland - 
   4/12   Elizabeth Wartluft's Beginner's Mind Practica prefunk for
              Jerry Wallach's Norse Hall Milonga
   4/14   Joe Leonardo's "Aime Comme Moi" Milonga at Berretin
              (check out Joe's blog Hard Road Tango)
   4/15   Teaching the Basic Techniques/Connection Class prior to Bill Alsup's
              Sunday Practica at the Viscount

4/17  Ashland        
7:30-8:00pm Teaching a mini-lesson: Tango is About the Connection
             Tango Practica at Ashland Community Center

4/18 - 4/23  Bay Area -
   4/18  Cell Space
   4/19  Argentine Tango Club of Berkeley
            Christy & Adolfo's Verdi Club Milonga
   4/20  Tango Magdalena with live music!
   4/21  Milonga El Arrabal
   4/22  Dorcas' Milonga at Alberto's
   4/23  Teaching a Connection/Four-Legged Animal Workshop
            at Ivan Shvarts' studio at 1000 Van Ness
            Afterward to: The Beat  

4/24 - 4/28  Los Angeles - TangoAfficionado
   4/24   Silvia's Practica Porteña in San Pedro
   4/27   Milonga El Floridita
   4/26   Christina Dunbar's Goddess Collective Meeting
   4/28   Tuesday Conner's Open Mic
             Julie Friedgen's El Encuentro Milonga at The Tango Room  

4/29 - 5/2  San Diego - TangoSanDiego
   4/30   Linda Garwood's Practica El Abrazo
   5/2     8-9pm Teaching a Connection 1+1=1 Class followed by
             a Seminar-Style Discussion of my book, When 1+1=1 & practica,
             hosted by Linda Garwood  

5/3 - 5/4  Los Angeles - TangoAfficionado
   5/3   When 1+1=1 Interactive Book & Tango Event at 7:30pm
           plus FREE Beginners Tango Lesson with Naomi Hotta
           and a tango demo by Naomi and Tittu Thomas
           all at Grand Casino Bakery & Cafe in Culver City
   5/4   Interview with Linda Bates Koss for her show "South Bay Woman Hour" 12:20pm
           SMITH Tango Festival



5/6 - 5/8  Las Vegas
     5/8   Ruta and Marcus' tango practica at Broadway Hall 9:30pm
            Dropping in for the Open Mic at The Bikini Bar 10:30-11:30pm
5/9  Phoenix - TangoArizona
    5/9   Book Presentation at ASU Tango Club's
            End of Semester Milonga: “We Don’t Need No Edumacashun”
    5/10  Milonga Mijana    

5/11  Tucson
    5/11  DJing at Rusty Cline and Joan Canalli's Tucson Milonguita   

5/12 - 5/13  Green Valley
    5/12  Green Valley Second Saturday Milonga
    5/13  Teaching a Mother's Day Tango is About the Connection Workshop
             & Practica 3-5pm in Green Valley 
5/14 - 5/15  Albuquerque - ABQTango 
     5/14  Practica at the New Mexico Tango Academy 
     5/15  When 1+1=1 Book Presentation before
              Tango Club of Albuquerque's Tuesday Night Milonga    

5/16  Santa Fe - SantaFeTango
    5/16  Santa Fe Brewing Company - $2 pint Wednesdays
             + live music by Nobody's Hero Outlaw Band

5/17  Amarillo  

5/18 - 5/19  Dallas - 
    5/18  Milonga Sandunga  

5/20 - 5/21  Austin -
    5/20  Viva Streets at Buenos Aires Cafe East
              Austin Tango Practica
    5/21  Milonga Loca at Cafe Meddici with Esquina Tango  

5/22 - 5/23  Houston - Tango in Houston
    5/22  Indre's Tasty Tango Tuesdays milonga
    5/23  Book Signing at Beatniks 6-8:30pm,
             followed by Irina Dralyuk's The Edge Milonga at Bacchus

5/24 - 5/25  Baton Rouge - Tango Lagniappe
    5/24  Movie Night & practica
    5/25  Tango House Party
    5/27  Return to Baton Rouge - cause I just couldn't help it!  

5/26 - 5/27  New Orleans - All New Orleans Tango
    5/26  Tango Ensueños Milonga
    5/28  Monday Night Jam Session at La Maison w Gene Harding
    5/29  Ector and Kerri's Tuesday practica at Eiffel  

5/30  Gulfport
     5/30  Ben Samel's class at Skeeter's Billiards

Passing through and hanging out by Mobile Bay, Pensacola & Lake City, FL.



6/1  Orlando - 2 A.M. Tango
    6/1   Amy and Matthew's Milonga at Café Annie  

6/2  Tampa - Tampa Bay Tango
    6/2   Victoria and Federico's Milonga la Porteñita    

6/3 - 6/4  Miami
    6/3   CITA Sunday Milonga, followed by Lydia's milonga La Ideal
    6/4   Tango at Tapas & Tintos with Lorena Arrestia (Miami Beach)    

6/5  The Everglades & Naples  

6/7  Ormond Beach - Daytona Beach Tango
    6/7   Teaching a Fundamentals of Four-Leggedness Workshop + Milonga in Ormond Beach  

6/9   Titusville
    6/9   Titusville's 2nd Saturday Milonga 

6/10  Orlando - 2 A.M. Tango 
     6/10   Teaching a Tango is About the Connection Workshop + Practica

6/14 - 6/17  Augusta - Augusta Tango Club 
    6/14   Teaching the Small Spaces Class + Practica
    6/16   Teaching a Tango is About the Connection Workshop +
              When 1+1=1 Book Presentation, wine tasting, dinner,
              and milonga hosted by The Augusta Tango Club at Casa Blanca Cafe 
    6/17   Teaching a The Fundamentals of Four-Leggedness Workshop 
              after Casa Blanca Cafe's Father's Day Brunch
               (workshop and event details)  

6/20 - 6/22  Atlanta - Tango Bar Atlanta
    6/20   Dropping by between April and Angel's classes at 8:30pm
              Book presentation at Practica Libre at 10:30pm
    6/21   Open Mic at the Ink Lounge (Inkaholics)
    6/22   Tango Night at Callanwolde

6/24  Asheville - Tango Asheville
    6/24   tango event (please check calendar above)
6/25  Charlotte - Passion for Tango
    6/25   When 1+1=1 Book Presentation (7pm),
              Intro Class by Daniel Arredondo + practica! 
6/28 - 6/29  Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill - 
     6/28   Thursday Night Practica
     6/29   Tango class/Book Presentation/Milonga  

6/30  Richmond Tango - Richmond Tango 
     6/30   Teaching Tango Workshops: Tango is About the Connection & 
               A New Flavor of Chocolate: Presence in Tango

7/2 - 7/5  Washington, DC - Capital Tangueros Calendar 
     7/2   Milonga Zandunga
     7/5   Milonga at Eastern Market

7/6  Baltimore - Baltimore Tango
    7/6   Streetlight Milonga  

7/14 - 7/20  Philly! - Tango Philadelphia 
    7/14   Tango Hop Milonga, Book presentation 9pm
    7/17   DancePhiladelphia Practica
    7/20   Interactive Book & Tango Event at Dalet Gallery 7pm
My route from Philly - Seattle

NEW YORK 7/21 - 7/30  New York City - Richard Lipkin's Tango Calendar
    7/21   Nocturne
    7/22   Milonga Roko
    7/23   Ensueño at Ukrainian Village Restaurant
    7/24   Triangulo Milonga
    7/25   Poetry Slam at the Nuyorican Café
    7/26   La Nacional
    7/30   Ensueño at Ukrainian Village Restaurant  
* for events that have no link, please see Tango Calendar above
7/31  New Haven
    7/31   Milonga at Kelly's Restaurant & Bar 

(8/1 - 8/2)  Hartford - Have to Dance 
     8/1   Book Presentation at Tango-Mundo's Practice at La Kerencya  

8/4  Northampton - Tango Pulse 
     8/4  NeoTangoZone Milonga  

(8/5 - 8/7)  Boston - TangoNet
     8/5   Boston's Sunday Practica
     8/6   MIT Practica
     8/7   When 1+1=1 - An Informal Book Event at 8pm
             The Odd Tuesday Milonga  

8/8  Portland - PortTango
     8/8   Interactive Book & Tango Presentation + Practica 

8/10  Burlington - Queen City Tango
     8/10   Queen City Tango Milonga



(8/10 - 8/15 )  Montreal - Calendrier des milongas 
     8/11   Interactive Book & Tango Presentation before Tango Social Club 8:30pm
     8/12   Tour Photos & Discussion at La Milonguita 9:00pm
     8/14   Milonga de Pancho at Tangueria
     8/15   Tango Libre at Verdun, followed by Studio Tango 

(8/16 - 8/17)  Toronto - TorontoTango 
     8/16   Salon La Coqueta
     8/17   Milonga Paradiso 



(8/19 - 8/21)  Buffalo - Buffalo Tango X
    8/20   Boardwalk Milonga
    8/21   Solé Tuesday Tango

(8/22 - 8/23)  Cleveland - NE Ohio - Where to Tango
   8/22   Teaching a Tango is About the Connection class, 
             followed by Milonga @ The Taverne of Richfield
   8/23   Western Reserve Argentine Tango Society Practica

(8/24)  Toledo/Whitehouse - Toledo Tango Events

   8/24   Tango is About the Connection Workshop & Practilonga

(8/25 - 8/26)  Detroit/Ann Arbor
   8/25   Teaching a Tango is About the Connection Workshop 
              at Dance Revolution's 7 Year Anniversary Party!
   8/26   Teaching about Tango Connection 6-7pm before La Milonga del Domingo  

(8/28 - 8/29)  Grand Rapids - GR Tango
   8/28   Interactive Presentation at Aquinas College
              Teaching a Tango is About the Connection Workshop + Practica

(8/30 - 9/4)  Chicago - Tango Mango (Chicago)
   8/30  Milonga Cielo
   9/1    Los Besos Milonguita  

(9/5 - 9/8)  Cincinnati
   9/5   Tango del Barrio practica
   9/8   Tango is About the Connection Workshop at 7:30pm, 
            prior to the Milonga Entre Tango y Tango

(9/9)  Lexington - LexTango
   9/9   LexTango 2nd Sunday Milonga  

(9/12)  Knoxville - Knoxville Argentine Tango Society
   9/12   Tango is About the Connection Workshop 
              KATS Practica

(9/14)  Nashville
   9/14   Milonga and Tango is About the Connection Workshop      

(9/15)  Memphis
   9/15   Milonga del Perro Borracho

(9/16 - 9/17)  St. Louis - Tango St. Louis
   9/16   Nuestra Milonga at The Ritz
   9/17   Tango Connection: When 1+1=1

(9/20)  Kansas City/Lawrence
   9/20   Interactive Book & Tango Presentation at the Jayhawk Ink Lounge Bookstore, 
              followed by KU Tango Club's classes and practica 

(9/21 - 9/23)  Lincoln 
   9/21   Book Presentation & All Levels Class at DelRay Ballroom
   9/22-9/23   Teaching Workshops at Tony Rathburn's Pequeño Huida (a weekend of food, friends, and tango)

                  9/22   Tango: A Game of Improvisation
                  9/23   A New Flavor of Chocolate: Presence in Tango
                  9/23   Feel the Music; Be the Music

(9/24 - 9/27)  Denver/Boulder - Tango Colorado
   9/25   Tango Colorado Practica
   9/27   Tango Cochabamba North Practica
   9/28   Milonga at the Mercury ?

(9/29 - 9/30)  Salt Lake City - Wasatch Tango Club
   9/30   Brunch Tango Practica at Mestizo

(10/1 - 10/2)  Sun Valley  
   10/2   Interactive Book & Tango Presentation at The Community Library

(10/3 - 10/4)  Boise - Boise Tango
   10/3   Teaching Tango Connection at Fort Boise
   10/4   Teaching Tango at The Press 

(10/6 - 10/7)  Spokane
   10/6-7   Workshops + Practica at the Spokane Tango-Club Corazon
   10/8       Interview by Olga Lucia Herrera on Latitude/Latitud Spanish Radio

(10/8)  Ellensburg
   10/8   Interactive Book & Tango Presentation at Central Washington University  

>>>  FINISH LINE PARTY back home in Seattle!  
(October 9th @ 7:00pm)
This Tour is Sponsored by:   
Honda of Seattle
Ina Firestone in Tucson, AZ,
Firestone in Hialeah (Miami), FL, Firestone in Revere, MA, &
Firestone in Lawrence, KS

Seattle Gymnastics Academy


Building Sanctuary (Bay Area)     

Neil Zussman

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Author of Creating Your Own Destiny . Public Speaking Coach
. Best Sellers Publishing Institute .

Please contact Gabriela (me) with any suggestions, invitations, or to set up an event in your community.  Info at  Thank you for your support!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who made this tour possible!  Here is a 19-minute summary of this cross-continent adventure so many people pitched in to make possible: connecting with amazing people through music, dance, writing, and food.  Come along!

*More videos and photos from the Tour coming soon, right here at Invisible-Ties!


  1. Filling in the blanks... Can't wait to see you all along my route!

  2. very cool Gabriela. I wish you nothing but joy and happiness along your path of journey. It's bound to have a lasting impact on you and your life as well as ones you meet along the way!


  3. Too bad your route doesn't meander a little more NORTH to MN! Perhaps we will align with one of your other stops...

  4. Hi there! I'm working on setting specific dates, so I do hope to get a chance to meet you at another stop. Thanks so much for your interest in my tour and I do hope yo make it to MN sometime soon.

  5. This sounds so exciting! Maybe we could get you to come to tangOmaha! That would be 3 hours north of Kansas City.
    I've posted this on tangOmaha!'s FB page and I'll talk to some of the other dancers. Shelly Fritz the owner of The DelRay is having a tango event Sept 21st,live tango music, in Lincoln, Nebraska and you might work well with that.

  6. Hi tangOmaha! Yes, I could possibly do that. Please keep me posted and I'll check out the tangOmaha FB page. Hope to meet you soon!

    1. Besides tangOmaha and the DeRay Ballroom, there are other tango opportunities in Nebraska. I can set you up with book signings in Lincoln and with other communities between Lincoln and Denver. I'll get in touch with you.


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