Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Coloring for the Soul

I saw this card when I went to my first ever The Coloring Project event in January, but I chose another one which better represented where I was at then. This past Monday, as I sifted through the stack of beautiful cards to color, I came across the fishy again. And this time, he stuck. Mission I'm Possible.

Finding #freedom in dancing with my whole self,
power in 

Thank you, Andrea Koehler, for creating cards and an event that speaks to people's souls, a space for connection and community. 

Check out The Coloring Project for events near you!

Victim we are not

I have a problem with the use of the word "victim". Just because someone is part of a minority group does not mean they are a victim. The reason Trump or anyone can "pick on" a group of people is because he highlights the difference, the us vs. them. But "victims", people who are different are not.