Friday, September 27, 2013

I'm sorry, Your tax dollars can't help you

I can safely say that my path has been shaped by adversity and the strategy of flowing like water.  Whenever I come across a roadblock, an obstacle in my way, of course my initial reaction is frustration.  But in hindsight (which is hard to foresee amid the gloomy fog), I realize that these closed doors have been the spur of creativity.  Whenever I hear a "No," a "Wish I could help," the more frustrating it seems, the more it pushes me to think outside the box, to invent a way to get past or around it. 

My latest obstacle: posting in public places.  I’ve come across several public institutions that do not have a community board, a place for members of the community to post flyers about their projects and their work. 

Pumpkin Time!

Pumpkin carving,
pumpkin pie,
pumpkin seeds,
pumpkin soup,

I lived four years hopping hemispheres from summer to summer (leaving each fall) and as lovely as that sounds (and I do miss it - I have myself turned around now, going winter to winter),

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shopping Cart Tango FLASHMOBS!

Because you can dance anywhere! -- ¡Porque se puede bailar en cualquier lado!

No need to learn a choreography -
just improvised, embraced
or with a shopping cart
tango, tango, tango!

Onlookers captured our game of improvised interlacing in photos and videos (to share, I presume ) as we hugged and danced and played with our fancy feet behind shopping carts. One lady even joined the group and grocery shopping took on a whole new life! Thank you so very much to everyone who made it to our 2nd Shopping Cart Tango FLASHMOB. I hope you had as much fun as I did!

Our NEXT one is Sept 12th, 2013:

Come join us!

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Shower

I get ideas in the shower, often.  People have suggested "solutions" to this problem (we have this need to "fix" things) - pen and paper on the counter, a recording device, waterproof crayons - but I think that the reason I get ideas in the shower is precisely because I can't write them down. 

Sharpen the Knife - Afilar el Cuchillo

Made myself take the weekend off, unplugged, to enjoy some quality time with friends and family.  Feeling rejuvenated and ready.  Got to 'sharpen the knife,' like Alonso Velasquez said.

Tomé el finde para descansar y des-enchufarme, para disfrutar de pasar tiempo con mis amigos y la familia.  Me siento revitalizada y lista.  Hay que 'afilar el cuchillo,' dijo Alonso.