Saturday, October 27, 2012


grapes from my Mama's yard
Every direction I turn in these days, I'm reminded of love and patience.  Any and everyone worth having in our lives is worth our patience.  So here are some musings about patience...

Patience is slow,
it takes time,
it comes when it's ready - 
when you're ready
to take a minute,
stop your running,
open your ears
and your heart
and listen
to yourself. 
Patience is only as hard to find as it is hard to look for.  

Patience doesn’t hurry you or tap you on the shoulder.  No arms folded or feet drumming the floor.  When patience comes, the clock stops ticking, the day slows down.  Patience doesn’t push you or rush you along.

Seattle Waterfront on an October day

Do you remember when you were little and the days stretched longer than they do today?  When each day was an adventure and each game was a world of its own?  

Patience is how we choose to see the world.

patience when facing the unknown
= incredible strength

Patience means listening
so carefully 
that you can even hear yourself.

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