Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cars and Women

Like driving a car, when dancing with a woman, you want to treat her with care.  Pay attention to the way she responds to you when you give her a little more power, when you shift gears, when you take the turns.

"I've heard men compare women in tango to cars -- 
Some drive smooth and easy, like a Ferrari, while others are more like an old Volkswagen Bus and you've got to put in a little more elbow grease to get them to move.  As much as I love this analogy, it makes an important point: not all women handle the same..."
- "Cars and Women", p. 68

Top Gear - James May & Jackie Stewart - Fast Driving Lesson with TVR Tuscan (esp. starting at 6:42)

Approach matters.  

And, timing is everything. 

My tango students are amazing.  We talk in class, we discuss their experiences and some of the examples they bring in to the conversation are so very helpful!  Thank you, Papuna Bersenadze, for bringing this video into the discussion!

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