Sunday, October 14, 2012

Superior DONUTS at The Bathhouse!

After traveling all around the country and meeting so many wonderful people in amazing spaces, it's exciting to discover and share some of the gems in my own backyard right here in Seattle.

Strolling around Green Lake on a pristine afternoon, admiring ducks and reflections and the vivid fall colors against a blue, blue sky, still trying to figure out how to slow down without crashing, I ran into none other than writer, actor, and renaissance man, Cole Hornaday!  And Cole took me on a tour through a small, unassuming brick building I had passed many, many times - a little treasure that is the Bathhouse at Green Lake.  Won't you join us?

On the set of "Superior DONUTS" with Cole Hornaday at the Bathhouse Theater at Green Lake  

More videos celebrating 
positivity in our communities 
around the country coming 
soon!  Stay tuned!

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