Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Processing, Processing...

Processing, processing... My status bar is moving as fast as when you stare at the screen, hoping that your staring will get the number to change and the bar to fill up.  The more you stare, the slower it inches across.  Downloading, uploading, updating, saving - in progress.  That's me: in progress.

And sometimes it takes time.  Everything worth something takes time, or circumstance, or really good lighting.  Sometimes the answers are elusive, but they are - answers.

And then there are those occurrences that you could explain away or pretend away or... but it's not worth it and it doesn't work and so you just have to keep... processing.  0%  3%  22%... processing

They say that change takes time, that things take time, but that's not always true either.  Maybe the less we stare at the progress bar, the less time it will take for it progress all the way across. 



  1. So many emotions, so much going on with "landing" after the big tour, family, etc. - sometimes those moments when we are so vulnerable are when we make the most "progress." When there is so much coming at us, the sea is so crazy, that we see no option other than to let go and let it have its way with us...

  2. You're right. Life is like the sea. You can bask in the sunlight one moment and be shattered on the rocks the next. What forges your character and defines you as a person is what you do when that storm comes.


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