Friday, October 23, 2015

Cherish them Today

I just thought of Linda McDaniel who kindly hosted me in Lexington, Kentucky during my 2012 Tour. She took such pleasure in life - in her passion for dance and music and her pride in her kids. I think of her from time to time, remembering the tour she took me on of the beautiful countryside - the green rolling hills she loved so much, Bourbon tasting and cooking dinner together, and the people we met along the way. 

So I went to her facebook page to write her a message and say hello, and found out that she passed in March this year. We just never know. Reach out today, hug a friend, tell your kids you love them, take the time to cuddle. We just never know. 

I am sure that you are missed -- for even in a few days, you touched and inspired me deeply, Linda. Hugs to your kids.

Linda McDaniel, April 2013. Photo taken by her son.

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