Thursday, December 11, 2014

Something You Are Good At

Found ‪#‎inspiration‬ talking to Chris about ‪#‎painting‬ and ‪#‎heights‬ and ladders...

In-the-moment. Inspiration on napkins.

Something You're Good At

There's something that you're good at,
that you relax into,
that feels comfortable,
like a cozy blanket,
a chat with an old friend,
like a pair of jeans, worn in by time,
by the steps you've taken in them.

There's something that you're good at,
that you're a boss in,
and you know it.

There's something that you can do
without a doubt,
with no apprehension,
with no second thoughts.
Find it,
channel it,
let it help you face all those little voices,
the fears of not getting it "right",
of not being good enough,
that voice that talks to every muscle in your body
and tells it to arm the force-field
and man the towers
and prepare for the unknown.

There's something that you're good at,
that gives you power
and strength
and confidence
and can inform anything you do.

Use it.

Inspiration. ‪‎receive‬ it, take‬ it, let it move‬ you: ‪‎follow‬dance‬flow‬ -- connection, ‬‪Connect with yourself,‬ takes two‬, Tango is About the Connection, ‬writing, write, hand-written, in-the-moment,‬ present,‬ ‪‎now‬. @BallardStation w/ @EvanFloryBarnes

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