Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sword Dance

One of my students said that every time we dance tango, Arya's sword fighting lessons from Game of Thrones replay in his head.

"This is what is happening in my head every time we dance together." ~ Archis Gore 
Full video: Game of Thrones ✖ Sword Lessons 

I love the connection between dance and sword fighting.  There are so many parallels within this clip (the full video compilation), besides the actual act of swinging the swords and the dance itself:

1) the sword (or your embrace and your partner) becomes an extension of you and as such, you learn to use your muscles and move in a way that includes and responds to the weight and shape and position of this additional part of yourself; it becomes a part of you in accomplishing your (common) goal

2) cats are a common metaphor in tango for their agility and grace and responsiveness, plus, they actually have the four legs we want to move as if we have

3) strong emotions: Syrio tells Arya that training when she is worried or upset is useful because fighting happens when you are in a strong emotional state. If you let your emotions inform your dance - and I think many people would agree that that is when the best creative things happen, when you feel something (trouble, pain, sadness, immense joy) - the dance becomes a way to connect more deeply with yourself

And luckily, in tango it's not a life-or-death issue if you're off just a touch ;)

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