Wednesday, November 6, 2013

And Magically It Works Again...

When everything but my own website works... it's time to throw the computer out the window!!! 
Or go to bed.

We all get stuck in those ruts when everything seems to be gridlocked and nothing quite seems to work.  Those days on which you think that the world has turned against you.  And what many of us do is try to push back, fight it. 
And that's one way to do it.  Last night, I had the urge to "fix" my website, to check all the links that weren't working, to make it work.  But that little thing called intuition won.  It told me that these links work -- you know they work.  And by some freak coincidence today, right now, they don't work on my computer.  But they do work and did work just an hour before. 

So instead of doing what my logical brain wanted to do: fix all the problems, now.  My intuitive side said, GO TO BED.  Sleep and it will all fall into place in the morning.

And so it did.   It *magically* works again...

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