Friday, September 27, 2013

Pumpkin Time!

Pumpkin carving,
pumpkin pie,
pumpkin seeds,
pumpkin soup,

I lived four years hopping hemispheres from summer to summer (leaving each fall) and as lovely as that sounds (and I do miss it - I have myself turned around now, going winter to winter), after all that time skipping living the colder months, there were some things I missed... like pumpkins and of the memories and sensations that come with them.  Pumpkins mean candles and crisp fall nights, haunted houses, costumes, warm foods like soups and pies with melting ice-cream, they mean baking, they mean the contrast between the cold of the outdoors and the cozy indoors, seeking warmth because it's not everywhere you turn.  Shorter days and longer nights to curl up on the couch, go to the movies, hold hands as you walk and draw figures with your breath in the air.  The chill that tickles the skin on your cheeks, gloves.  

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