Friday, September 27, 2013

I'm sorry, Your tax dollars can't help you

I can safely say that my path has been shaped by adversity and the strategy of flowing like water.  Whenever I come across a roadblock, an obstacle in my way, of course my initial reaction is frustration.  But in hindsight (which is hard to foresee amid the gloomy fog), I realize that these closed doors have been the spur of creativity.  Whenever I hear a "No," a "Wish I could help," the more frustrating it seems, the more it pushes me to think outside the box, to invent a way to get past or around it. 

My latest obstacle: posting in public places.  I’ve come across several public institutions that do not have a community board, a place for members of the community to post flyers about their projects and their work. 
As representatives of said institutions have told me, since they are funded by people’s tax dollars, they cannot promote another business.  But how does that logic stand?  I can definitely understand a policy that they cannot be partial to one business over another, but since they are funded by tax dollars, wouldn’t it make sense for these places where the community gathers to also be centers for members of the community to post information about their small local businesses, classes, events, so that they might have a better chance at earning more dollars to be taxed – to provide those tax dollars that fund these very institutions?

I don’t understand why those tax dollars, why our tax dollars, cannot be used to create a small space to help us promote one another, to help the community grow.  (Like private institutions, such as Central Market, QFC, JoAnn Fabrics, and many more, including some public institutions that do have them)

And what's wrong with asking for pay for a service, anyway?  Why does everything have to be non-profit?  Why does art have to be non-profit?  When did "profit" become a bad word?  I mean, profit is what helps people put food on the table and pay rent.

Posting in public places: not for the public, not for small businesses, not for...  I'm sorry, your tax dollars can't help you. 

Flow like Water: Adversity has helped me grow

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