Friday, April 12, 2013

Apple Skin Spirals

Cutting an apple like my Grandma Raia used to when we were little, just to take a few minutes to pause and reflect... and see if I can cut the skin in spirals without them breaking.  I used to eat the spirals as they came off of Grandma's knife.  Still remember her laughter, her wit. 

Grandma used to cut the apple skins in spirals and then pop pieces of apple in her mouth right off the knife.  She'd hand my brother and I each an apple, but my favorite part was watching Grandma trace the apples with her knife.  She did it because after Chernobyl, we had to be careful with everything we ate.  But this was in Seattle and I liked the skin.

Grandma and Grandpa bought fruit in boxes (they weren't used to having food so easily attainable).  She kept a box full of green apples under her bedroom window - They stay cool that way, Aunt Inna explained. 

A hard worker all her life and so precise, Grandma used to cut the apple skins in perfect spirals.  She wanted to give us clean, safe apples to eat.  But my favorite part was eating the apple skin spirals as they came off her knife.

Grandma used to cut the apple skins in spirals.

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