Sunday, March 24, 2013

Like cutting a piece of yourself

Editing can be a painful process, of pruning and weeding the garden of your soul.  Each word, each phrase, each paragraph sowed by you and grown from the fertile soil of your experiences.  And after all the struggles, you have to cut it off, shut it out, as if what was once your child – an extension of your very being – has been reduced to a mere inconsequential... nothing. 

Cut.  Toss.  Move on.
Editing is a deep tissue massage to awaken the most essential parts of your self, a trimming of the excesses, a thorough revisiting of your closet.  Keep the door closed and you can pretend all is fine and well, stuff a few more items in there.  Open it and each garment recalls a feeling, a moment, a precious piece of you.

But quantity and quality seldom coincide - la cantidad y la calidad muy pocas veces coinciden.  So choose you must and let go, you have to.

Editing is like cutting off a piece of yourself.

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