Saturday, July 14, 2012

US Tour Videos: 1st Episode - Portlandia!

Thought my first video from this US Tour deserved it's own separate post, especially since it's taken three months to process.  Come with me through Portland, catching up with friends, discovering live music, and more!

0:00 VooDoo Doughnut*
0:49 Driving through Portlandia*
2:39 Champaign for brunch?
5:45 Jam Session hosted by Ron Steen at Clyde's Prime Rib - "In A Sentimental Mood"

PLUS, my theme song!

I have grown to really love jam sessions - from The Hang at LUCID to Monday nights at Paratíí (Seattle) to Ron Steen's Jam in Portland and beyond.  I love the spontaneous nature, the way the instruments talk to each other.  Like my friend Terry Benioff said when she first explained her appreciation for jazz to me, "It's like tango."  And like tango, you never know what you're gonna get - that is what makes jam sessions so absolutely amazing, raw, and real.

And if you're in Portland, you should definitely squeeze in seeing Ron Steen, a Portland legend, playing in jam sessions since he was 15, a music career of over 40 years. 

More on Portland (my 1st Stop), including pictures, at Starting Strong (Portland)!

* videos filmed with my Personal Camera Crew

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