Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Star Card

Last Tuesday, I ended up at my friend Kendra Hayes' Workshop (at her Tin Can Studio), mostly because she told me it would be "awesome."  It was much more than awesome.  But what I didn't realize was that it was about Tarot.

Now, I was ok with the explanation of the Major Arcana: the Fool, the Empress, the Priestess... but when Kendra told us that we would each draw a card from the deck - shuffle it until it feels right, she said - I came face to face with myself. 

Fear gripped me.  Know my future?  No, thanks.

Somehow the cards made it around to me.  I shuffled, shuffled.  One nearly fell off the stack.  Shuffled.  And again the same slippery card almost fell.  Yup, I knew it: that was my card.  I turned it over to reveal... not Death or Devil or the end of the world, but the Star Card!

Fear traded places with something brighter, almost overwhelming.  As I got acquainted with "my future," I learned that the Star Card among its many meanings, holds reinforcement of one's dreams, a little nudge into confidence, optimism, to let your light shine.  If you don't, the explanation warned, you really will fail.

What I had been doing was tiptoeing around with this video about my project, this US Book & Tango Tour I'm about to embark on.  I had just finished compiling the video and it was time to put it out there, share my ideas, get people all over the country involved in my vision.  Tapping into the immense potential of collaboration and community - connecting - is precisely the goal of this tour.  Together we are more.  

It's amazing how our image of ourselves can be such a powerful force.  Kendra encouraged each of us to  dance representing our encounters with our Tarot cards.  With one of the jingling hip scarves I've grown to love so much, my few belly dance moves, and a green veil, I wiggled my hips timidly, peeked around the veil and hid behind it, peeked around and hid, until I suddenly tossed my arm up, releasing my grip on the green veil.  Surrendering,* I let myself shine a little brighter.  I stepped into myself.

* me entregué a mi misma

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