Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Vote NO on Initiative YES

"Vote 'NO' on Initiative Yes" - Art Boruck's sign - is applicable to more than just political jokery and the famous Seattle sign-maker's clever promotion: there's a phenomenon in our society that has us confusing 'yes' and 'no.'

I was talking with a group of single guys yesterday and they told me that they're always trying, often marking all the boxes "yes" at speed dating events, whereas the ladies are more selective.  Problem is that that's not always the case.
Ladies - or the feminine equation (sometimes not aligned with gender) have taken on the role of saying "yes" too... meaning that neither the masculine half nor the feminine counterpart is selecting or being very selective.  Which leads me back to the issue of choice. Someone has to make choices, people!  Someone has to say "no!"  All no's is not much fun, but all yes's dilutes the point, too.  If we want guys (or the masculine equation) to make the first move, we have to give them the chance and an incentive.  Otherwise, many opt for the path of least resistance, which means most of us lose.  We need to figure out how to "Vote 'NO' on Initiative 'YES'" again.

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