Friday, January 11, 2013

Gabriela's 2013 Schedule

Argentine Tango teacher and author of When 1+1=1: That "Impossible" Connection, Gabriela Condrea has toured Europe and the US & Canada, sharing her writing and her connection-centered approach to teaching and dancing tango along the way.  Check out her 2013 Schedule:

Seattle/Pacific Northwest

Mini West Coast Tour, USA

Buenos Aires, Argentina via NYC (Workshops!)

Seattle/Pacific Northwest

World Book & Tango Tour! (Seattle - Europe - Turkey - SE Asia - Seattle)

If you would like to schedule a book and/or tango event, please email info[at] or visit  Looking forward to lots of tango, tango, tango!

Gabriela Condrea - author, teacher, student of life

Gabriela Condrea is an Argentine Tango teacher and author of the book When 1+1=1: That “Impossible” Connection – on tango and life and interpersonal relationships. In her teaching and interactive book presentations, she shares the life lessons she’s gathered from dance floors far and wide – from her intensive studies in Buenos Aires (where she first met tango) to Europe and all over North America.

Her book, When 1+1=1 with titles such as "'Mistakes' Are Just Unanticipated Opportunities" and "High Heels and Yellow Hippopotamuses" is suitable for a much broader audience than just tango enthusiasts, so it can be a great way to reach people interested in connection on all levels. (excerpts and readers' reviews)

Gabriela also teaches connection-centered tango workshops and private lessons (for follows, leads, and couples) on topics such as:
Tango is About the Connection | Fundamentals of Four-Leggedness | Good Things Happen in Small Spaces | Be the Music | Ladies' Footplay | Tango: A Game of Improvisation | Intention: Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say | Presence: A New Flavor of Chocolate | Let's Play Footsie... and more!

“I have found these topics applicable throughout my travels to many tango communities in North America, Europe, and in Buenos Aires. What we find most memorable in human interactions and in tango is usually on the inside; it's invisible. That is why I approach teaching tango from the inside-out.”
– Gabriela Condrea

To schedule an event in your community, please contact Gabriela Condrea.  Suggestions about other interested organizers and groups are welcome, as well.  Thank you!

  Gabriela Condrea, M.Ed.
  206.778.3239 | info[at]
  blog: | twitter: @gcondrea
  facebook: Tango is About the Connection & When 1+1=1 by Gabriela Condrea

2012 was an amazing year with so many people pitching in to make my six-month US & Canada Book & Tango Tour possible.  Thank you!    

There are many ways to get involved in this World Book & Tango Tour, as well.   

So excited for 2013...

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